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When I go on vacation I always find it fun to pretend I’m someone else. This time I decided to be the Queen instead of my usual, Lizzie Borden. | Fetch My Flying Monkeys
Everyone needs a fleet of flying monkeys to rip the stuffing out of the annoying people in their lives
— Laura

Savannah Georgia

I’m exhausted, but because of my attention whoreness I wanted to do a pictorial post about my trip to Savannah Georgia. I know I was supposed to Facebook it, but I suck at social networking, and I kept forgetting to take pics with my iPhone. You did know I have an iPhone, right?

Anyway, I know a lot of people were curious about Paula Deen’s restaurant “The Lady and Sons” where, because of my charm and being the Queen of Awesomeness, I was able to get reservations just a week prior.

Paula Deen's 

When we arrived there was a line around the block of people just trying to get in. We, of course, walked in after dropping my name. The restaurant is on three floors, and is very, very casual. It runs like a well-oiled machine, and because having more money than God isn’t enough, half of her restaurant is a store.

Paula Deen's

We were seated on the first floor. Apparently that is where the awesome people are seated.

Paula Deen's

True story: We were seated by a window and tourists walking by were pressing their wee little sad faces against the window looking at our food and waving. Fucking peasants.

Paula Deen's 

I decided on the country buffet so I could taste a variety of items. I had fried chicken, fried fish, tartar sauce, broiled chicken, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, creamed corn, lima beans, and collards.

Paula Deen's 

OH MY GOD. The fried chicken was the best chicken I have ever eaten in my entire life. I am not kidding one bit. The sweet potatoes and creamed corn were runners-up. The rest was good, but nothing special. It was an excellent country buffet meal. I stuffed my face until I seriously thought I heard something pop and I prayed it was just a button. And if it was a button, it flew off with such force it is probably permanently embedded in their wall. Oh, and we saw Paula Deen.

Paula Deen 


So we finished our meal, and decided to go walk off some of the gazillions of calories we had just consumed. Then, less than one block away, we spotted horse drawn carriages.

Savannah Georgia 

So we said to hell with walking and rode around the rest of the day like the royalty we believed ourselves to be.

Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia


P.S. I have a ton of photos I will be editing and putting in Flickr later. When I do, you must go look at them. Obey your Queen you sonsabitches! Oh, sorry, I still feel like I’m on vacation, which I will be again in two weeks.


50 Responses to When I go on vacation I always find it fun to pretend I’m someone else. This time I decided to be the Queen instead of my usual, Lizzie Borden.

  1. Holly says:

    Now I want some fried chicken!!
    What’s a collard prey-tell oh queenie?
    *** It’s a big green weed we Southerners boil and eat. Srsly. ~Laura

  2. Larry says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. Where do I find a job where I can go on vacation every other month?
    Oh, and I bow to your awesomeness. *bows*
    *** Ha! When you are THE QUEEN of AWESOMENESS you get lots of PTO. ~Laura

  3. Box Car Will says:

    Cool Pix. Now I want to go to Savannah. I’d probably go for the scenery more than Paula’s.. I heard they have the best seafood there. you can buy it right off the dock. Supposed to be the best around… So I’m told.
    *** Beauford South Carolina has the best shrimp IMHO. You can even watch it being caught. But yes, the whole coast has great seafood. ~Laura

  4. Tink says:

    Where are u going in two weeks…. and how long are you gonna be gone? I love this post cuz of all the pictures but i really missed your post… I don’t like when you go away… OMG I think I’m a monkey junkie! oh nozzzzzzz!
    *** Simmah down nah. I will be going to Cape Fear North Carolina and I may be gone forever if I run into the tattooed guy I sent to prison years ago… ~Laura

  5. Traveling Friend says:

    As one of your traveling friends, I must say it was a great trip. You are correct.. the fried chicken was fantastic. We HAVE to go back! I will have to let my credit card cool off first! It’s still smokin!
    *** Oh, we’ll be going back I’m sure. Beautiful place. ~Laura

  6. Jennifer says:

    LOVE THE PICTURES! Can’t wait for the others. I bet you had a blast.
    *** We did indeed. ~Laura

  7. Princess says:

    The fact that you were in Georgia reminds me to ask you if you are aware of the new series starting on the AMC channel. It’s called “The Walking Dead”! The People review says ” This Zombie epic is a landmark in bringing horror to TV. “Dead” doesn’t deviate from the conventions of the genre – heads exploding, live flesh devoured as if is were barbecue from Emeril Lagasse- but for a weekly series that’s more than enough” apparently it is about Zombies that take over Atlanta Georgia.staring Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal. Just saying, it might be good! check it out!
    *** Yes, I’ve been watching it since it started months ago, now put down the TV Guide. Ha! ~Laura

  8. Joe the Blog Stalker says:

    Great pictures, Your Highness. Great entry title too.
    *** Ha! Thank you. ~Laura

  9. Tara says:

    Would you go back to Paula’s restaurant?
    *** I would if I could get in there as easily just for more chicken. I would not wait in line. ~Laura

  10. Jade says:

    I always love your pics. What kind of camera do you have?
    *** These are from my Nikon D90. I have a Cannon point and shoot also and of course my iPhone. Did you know I have an iPhone? Well, I do. ~Laura

  11. hoodyhoo says:

    You suuuuuuuuck! But not really, I still love you… but I’d love you more if you had mailed me some chicken… you could have emailed it with your iPhone (there’s an app for that, right?)
    *** Girllll, that chicken was DA BOMB! If they had the app I would have emailed you a piece for sure. Blame Steve Jobs. That bastard. ~Laura

  12. garnet says:

    Love the pictures! So the chicken was good huh?
    *** Best I ever had. It was like Care Bears seasoned it and unicorns fried it in bacon fat until a rainbow lit upon it. It was THAT good. ~Laura

  13. This is the best review of Savannah, ever!!
    Hope you got that “Butter” T-Shirt… Just think of the possibilities ;)
    *** My middle name is Butter. ~Laura

  14. Girl, you must work for the government, which I don’t begrudge you because you served in the Armed Forces, but damn it must be great to be Queen You!
    I hope George can now envision what a great asset you would be to his personal entourage; how you roll when you’re out with your peeps, being escorted in a carriage, not tromping the streets like a WHORE! I bet he calls any day now.
    *** HAHA! I am an assassin for the government. Wait.. what? Nevermind.Forget I said that. And George certainly should be aware that I have class unlike his WHORE! I am thinking this year is the year he calls and not his lawyer. I think I need to step up and try harder. Yes. That’s what I’ll do. I’ve been slack in my stalking what with all the assassin’n I’ve been doing. Wait…what? ~Laura

  15. Curtal Friar says:

    Yeah, that dinner looks and sounds awesome. I miss having greens for dinner; collard, turnip, mustard, whatever, I like ‘em all.
    Can’t really find them up here in Kansas though. You talk about having some good collard greens and people look at you like you’d grown a second head or something.
    I don’t miss the heat and humidity of New Orleans (where I grew up), and I really don’t miss all the mosquitoes (Louisiana state bird), but the food down south just can’t be beat. As you are wont to say, FACT.
    *** That is a FACT. Southern food is the best and the most deadly, which really, the risk only makes it that much better. You’re like “If I eat one more buttered biscuit with those collards and fatback I’m gonna need angioplasty.” Life is about risks. And that’s a FACT too.~Laura

  16. Jena says:

    Glad your back, missed you. glad you had a good time.
    Sean asks “who takes care of your imaginary goat while you’re gone on vacation?”
    *** Thanks, girl. You tell Sean I will box up some imaginary turds that that imaginary goat dropped in J’s yard and mail them to him. Postage due too. Late Christmas gift. ~Laura

  17. Yabu says:

    I loves me some Savannah and some fried chicken. I also loves me some Cape Fear. Spend a lot of time in the area.
    I also loves me some carnivorous plants. Venus Flytraps are (only found natively) indigenous to the Cape Fear / Wilmington area of coastal NC.
    The Juju Woman and I live in the Cape Fear River Basin.
    Be careful, you might run into Max Cady.
    *** I am looking for that sonsabitch. You live in a very nice section of the country indeed. One day Jack and I will have to come have some fried chicken at the House of Juju. ~Laura

  18. Heather says:

    OMG when will the vacations end?? We miss you when you’re gone! We have to monkey detox!
    *** Simmah down nah. I am going to take as many vacations as I possibly can. You’ll be alright. Calm down and carry on. I know it’s difficult, but you’ll be okay. ~Laura

  19. Erik says:

    Welcome back and glad you had a good time.
    I thought of you when I saw Paula Dean was the Rose Parade Grand Marshall. I was all like, “Laura’s in Savannah, and probably all bummed that that Paula’s not there! HA!”
    That was tartar sauce, eh?
    Your next vacation in Cali, cause I’m from SoCal and I could give you some ideas of places to visit, if you were so inclined.
    Put up another chapter of my Zombie story last week.
    *** Cali is in April if all goes well. Los Angeles. I will probably be somewhere in the vicinity of George Clooney’s house. Just sayin’. I will have to check out your blog, and everyone’s when I get home from work. I am behind in all my blog reading! ~Laura

  20. zonker says:

    Damn, you ninja assassin librarians get a lot of vacation time.
    *** Ha! We sure do. Now…didn’t you check out Tom Sawyer back in the fifth grade and forget to return it? Hmmm? ~Laura

  21. Tracey says:

    I LOVE Savannah! I haven’t been in years, but it’s one of my favorite vacation spots!
    *** It’s a beautiful city. ~Laura

  22. MorningGlory says:

    Awesome pics of some awesome food. Except the collards. I’ve been a southerner for 26 years Originally a Jersey girl), but I just can’t develop a taste for collards. I’ll never forget the first time a neighbor said something to me about “cooking salad”. That’s just wrong.
    Glad to have you back … I know I speak for all of us when I say WE MISSED YOU.
    Oh, yeah — Happy New Year.
    *** Happy New Year to you! I missed ya’ll too. And I like collards just fine when ham is cooked in them. There’s a canned good (well actually it’s in mason jars) sold at one of the specialty groceries here called Collard Kraut and it is so damn good cooked in a crock pot with a pork tenderloin. Seriously, it will make you love collards. ~Laura

  23. MorningGlory says:

    If I find it, I’ll give it a try. I do love me some sauerkraut.
    *** Oooo I should make a “Southern Food” basket thingie and do a giveaway. Minus fatback and jowl bacon of course. Dems mine. Ha!~Laura

  24. Yabu says:

    Y’all are welcome any time. I have a feeling that Jack and Stretch would form a gang, and we’d have to take extreme measures to bust ‘em out…but it would be done.
    *** Just what the world needs, a doxie gang. Worse than any Blood or Crip that’s for sure. ~Laura

  25. rdennis says:

    Cool! You got to get for a buggy ride? Awesome! Did they have the horses turn on the heat for you? :-)
    *** We wanted to race another carriage, but it was frowned upon by the authorities. ~Laura

  26. garnet says:

    Alright, that link you have over there- “RACE YOU BASTARD!” made me lol outloud at work.
    *** It made me laugh. ~Laura

  27. Elphaba says:

    *Another* vacation in two weeks?! Damn, girl! You take more vacations than the Obamas! Only, I trust that the taxpayers are not funding yours. Coz if they were, I’ll bet you’d be whooping it up in a rented Italian villa right next to George Clooney’s, instead of slumming in places like Savannah, GA. ;)
    Glad you had such a good time! I’ll bet Jack was pissed that he didn’t get to eat fried chicken with Paula Deen, too…
    *** Jack ate caviar by the look of his bill. And you’re damn tootin’ if the government was flipping my bill I’d be in Italy. That is, until I was tasered by security and shipped back. ~Laura

  28. Stacy says:

    Wow that food looks good. If I’m ever in Savannah will you make me a reservation to get into Paula Deens?
    *** For a small fee. Ha! ~Laura

  29. CGHill says:

    If you’re gonna pop a button, you may as well do it over something that was worth the effort, right?
    And collards are indeed a big green weed. I ate my share in those days. :)
    *** They are yummy when cleaned and fixed right, which means lots of meat fat! Ha! ~Laura

  30. Brea says:

    When I saw this picture:
    I thought of you.
    Glad you’re home, safe and sound!
    *** HAHA! Please don’t look at Paula Deen and think of me. HA! And it’s good to be back…kinda. ~Laura

  31. lifeshighwy says:

    Hey why did those gray horse get brown butts? (sorry horse person here who notices weird details) Glad you used your fame for the forces of good like Paula Dean’s restaurant.
    of and for your obsession for fame and mentioning, one of your yards made the finals for The Yard Game yard of the year. So you may want to vote for yourself. Or have a minion do it for you.
    *** That was a different carriage. There was a whole slew of ‘em. We got the browns. And OH MY GOD I didn’t even see my yard! I must ask my peeps to vote yes, I will have to put that in an entry but they do like to ignore me! Dammit! ~Laura

  32. mel says:

    Ahhh I’m so jealous of this trip. I got so hungry when I saw those food pictures. One time I went to a great place like that with a friend, and we ate so much that when we got in the car we both realized that we just couldn’t move for a few minutes, we were just too full. I told her that food was so good and I scarfed it down so hard that I didn’t even remember chewing some of it. She said she wouldn’t be surprised if she took a crap later and an entire roll popped out. Since then when one of us invites the other out to eat, we always say “Do you want to go pop a roll?” So when you said you heard something pop… well, you get the idea.
    *** HAHAHAHAHA! ~Laura

  33. Kim says:

    Welcome back! Didja go by the Garden in the Midnight of Good and Evil house?
    Paula Deen looks WAY shinier, skinnier and redder than she does on tv from your picture. But tastier.
    That chicken is making my mouth water and my boss probably won’t enjoy that.
    **** I could not believe it- they moved that statue into the museum because too many people were molesting her! WTF! They proudly show where all films were shot there, including where Forrest Gump sat ( that bench does not exist) and the bar from “Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About” and of course, all the Garden sites. And your boss just may like that and give you a raise! Wait…what? ~Laura

  34. Cappagam says:

    I went to Lifes Highway to vote and it says to click on the yellow star under your favorite yard artist but there is no yellow star? whatzzzzz up?
    I am glad your back but you sure do take alot of vaca’s. Im jealous as hell!
    *** I don’t know, unless you tried from WORK and it’s the same IP as when I voted. Try it from home Capp. ~Laura

  35. Jena says:

    Tink, you coind a new phrase “monkey junkie”! awesome!
    *** My minions. Ha! ~Laura

  36. Jena says:

    OMG! That was a LOL I needed today. Can’t wait till Sean sees it! Imaginary Turds…. rofl
    *** All I need is an address. Ha! ~Laura

  37. One Crazed Chick says:

    I’m still slowly working on my leftover hoecake. It really was awesome having people look through the windows, gaze longingly at the food and wave! If it weren’t your total awesomeness, we would have been eating the crumbs on the street. I notice you didn’t tell how you got seated before others (also because of just your name).
    Cape Fear….look out!!
    *** Srsly, I didn’t think people would believe me. But yes, we got seated before all those people because of ME! I told J and he totally believed me because he knows of my awesomeness! Ha! OMG Cape Fear better watch out! And I am NOT riding with you in a golf cart to the lighthouse. HA! ~Laura

  38. Nicole says:

    I liked Savannah a lot on my brief stop there. I wanted to do the Garden tour but we didn’t have time. Glad you had a good nomming experience. Hope you have another in 2 weeks! Lots of vacation – that’s the way to do it.
    *** Life should be a vacation. ~Laura

  39. One Crazed Chick says:

    I’ll let you have the backseat! LOLOLOL
    **** Umm NO. ~Laura

  40. Jan says:

    *looks at fried chicken picture*
    *now looks at pbj in hand*
    *looks back at fried chicken picture*
    *frowns at pbj in hand*
    *drools at fried chicken picture*
    *Sighs heavily and eats pbj*
    Awesome People totally suck…
    **** HAHA! Part of our charm. ~Laura

  41. Jena says:

    I voted for you Laura.
    *** Ahh thank you! ~Laura

  42. Rick Martin says:

    I guess you were too busy to wish your twin a Happy Birthday on Saturday…
    *** Jesus Dude. I’m sorry, I was out of town being awesome. I hope I’m forgiven and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! ~Laura

  43. Blue says:

    Nice Banner….God that man is good looking…… Really glad you’re back.
    *** Thank you and yes he is. ~Laura

  44. Janie Jones says:

    Wow! Looks amazing. I don’t much like traveling, so thankfully I can live vicariously through you. But I must agree with the other commenters, we all miss you when you are gone. So, don’t do anything stupid in Cape Fear like taunt tattooed guys on parole….
    *** Ha! It’s nice to hear that I’m missed. It really is. I LOVE to travel and wish I could do more. ~Laura

  45. zonker says:

    Tom Sawyer? Fifth grade? Puhhhleeeze…my entire family got banned from the county library. Fact. Remind me to blog about that one sometime.
    *** Sure will. IF YOU HAD A BLOG. ~Laura

  46. Teresa says:

    I had chicken noodle soup for lunch – somehow your fried chicken looks way more awesome. I must go to Savannah one day.
    Did you do the “Queen Wave” to all your subjects as you trotted past?
    *** YES! I did it and people looked at me like “WTF?” BUT they all waved back! That is how you gotta roll with awesomeness. And I recommend Savannah to anyone who wants to see a beautiful Southern city…but whatever you do do NOT go in the summer. Too hot and humid. ~Laura

  47. diane says:

    I’ve seen you on life’s highway and can’t believe it took me this long to get over here, you are hilarious.
    plus i love monkeys.
    ps- i live in savannah and think collards are disgusting. but you can bet your sweet ass that i forced a spoonful down on new year’s day.
    happy new year!
    *** Happy New Year to you too! And welcome. I like collard’s all salty and fatty with meat. Thus I don’t eat them too often. Oh, and I love your city. ~Laura

  48. hotpants™ says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Savannah. It looks beautiful.
    I can understand wanting to try out a Paula Deen’s restaurant, but I have no desire to buy one of her t-shirts.
    *** I want more of that chicken. ~Laura

  49. Roberta says:

    I want to go to Savannah and eat ride in a carriage all day!
    *** Then you should! It’s fantastic. ~Laura

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