Everyone needs a fleet of flying monkeys to rip the stuffing out of the annoying people in their lives
— Laura

J: “What’s up with Bobo wearing all those bandanas?”

Me: “What do you mean? He’s a hound dog.”

J: “So?”

Me: “So hound dogs wear bandanas.”

J: “That’s ridiculous. Why don’t you just put a sombrero on his head.”

Me: “Now that would be ridiculous! Sombreros are for Chihuahuas not hound dogs!”

See what I mean, mein Fuhrer?


Longtime reader and friend, Jena, has learned how to crochet recently and even promised me a few pieces! I know. She has been posting pictures of her creations on Facebook, modeling them herself. And she never smiles! Here was one of her latest postings of her creation :


This past weekend I decided I wanted to go to the beach in North Carolina and take some pictures. So I threw my camera in the car and off I went. On my way there I was going through a town and started seeing signs about a Halloween Dog Parade and decided that would be a better choice. Because, c’mon, a Halloween Dog Parade trumps a beach trip any day of the week.

There were witches


non-scary clowns

baseball players


lions posing for pictures

tiny little puppies in tutus



and even pigs!

Know what else they had? Jack’s adopted brother and the newest member of the Ledford household. Internets meet Bobo Ledford:

Bobo is a four year old Walker Coonhound. His previous owner passed away and Bobo needed a new home. He’s super sweet and gentle and we love him. I am also barring myself from any future beach trips.


Other than my dog Jack having to now go through physical therapy to learn how to walk again after another bout of his genetic intervertebral disk disease, and going through the world’s slowest remodel of my house EVER IN THE HISTORY OF REMODELS, my life is pretty sweet. All these things should explain my absence from blogging of late. I’ve been posting “Links To Enjoy” over on the sidebar pretty frequently though, so there’s that at least. I tried to think of something to bitch about, I mean besides my dog’s condition (he’s still a happy dog, in no pain, and showing signs of improving every day by the way) and, of course, THE WORLD’S SLOWEST REMODEL but I’m dealing and believe me when I say this- my life has never been better. But then I had a nightmare last night. It was so horrifying that I thought I’d share it in a meme.

You can’t get more First World than that.