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— Laura

The holidays are quickly approaching. With that being said, I haven’t really done any shopping. I thought I may get a few things this weekend, but instead I have been home all weekend nursing a cold. God I hate having a cold. But then again, I don’t know of anyone that enjoys them.

I remember when I was a kid going through the Sears and JC Penney catalogs and circling everything I wanted. Then I would hand the catalogs to my mom. On Christmas morning though I never remembered getting anything I had circled. I guess it was the start of my knowing life could be disappointing. Or maybe it was the start of everyone around me realizing I’m a greedy bitch and attempting to teach me a lesson.

As you can see, I never actually learned that lesson.


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Yesterday J and I went, on a lark, to Ovis Hill Farm in Timmonsville, S.C. It’s a working farm with a store that sells organic veggies and dairy products. It’s also set up for tours and classes that demostrates wool spinning and shearing sheep. Though they weren’t actually doing a tour, we walked around and I took pictures. I also helped bottle feed the calves and sheep. I had a blast. Yeah, I know. It doesn’t take much to entertain me. A few of the thousand of pics I took are in my Fickr if you’re interested.

The pic above is of one of my grocery store purchases today. The Grapple. “Pronounced Grape-L” the box states. Apples that taste like a grape. I was certain to check out where they came from. I didn’t want them coming from Chernobyl or China. They came from Washington state, so I figured they were relatively safe. I googled them and it turns out they are Fuji apples (my favorite) “infused” with grape flavoring that doesn’t add sugar or calories. I ate one right before writing this. It was VERY VERY sweet and tasted more like grape Kool-Aid than an actual grape. Luckily for me grape flavored Kool-Aid was always my favorite as a kid, so I didn’t waste $6.99 for 4 apples. So if you like grape flavored candy, you’d like these. I’m sure they’re geared more towards the kiddies- to get them eating fruit. Now if they could just get water packed tuna to taste like Reeses Cups, I’m there. 

Maybe once a week I will purchase some freaky, different product and reveiw them for you. Don’t worry, I promise I’ll stay away from sex shops.


J called me today at work as he was driving down the road to go to wherever people that don’t have to punch a time clock and sit at a desk for eight hours drive to during the day. This is part of the converstaion.

“Can people with Down Syndrome drive a car?”

“Huh? You mean like mongoloid, mentally retarded?”


“I dunno. I suppose if they can pass the tests, why not? Why do you ask?”

“Because I just saw one driving.”

“Well maybe it was just a Mongolian, like, looking for his herd or something.”

“I don’t know. Maybe it was just a guy with a goofy look on his face.”

“I am so going to blog this.”

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Question: What would be better than winning a clothing optional date with George Clooney?

Answer: Getting an electric bill with “NONE” as the balance.

Electric Bill

Question: And what would be better than a zero balance electric bill?

Answer: A zero balance electric bill with a $82.41 credit towards the next bill.

Electric Bill Credit

Jealous much?

Yeah, I realize I must have overpaid somewhere along the way. But it sure is sweet getting this now after having the hottest September/October ever.

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