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Apple Pie

The thing I am most thankful for this holiday season I suppose is that I am still alive. I got sick last weekend and it just went downhill from there. The doctor told me I had bronchitis and gave me a bunch of drugs. Since I was too busy trying to cough up both my lungs, I missed Thanksgiving dinner at J’s parents. Instead I stayed home watching movies on Netflix and going through three boxes of Klennex. The kind with the lotion in it, cause I’m sensitive like that.

My friend Duane called me and said that it was probably karma coming back kicking my ass. That I was probably recently really bitchy to someone, and this was my payback. I told him I really doubted it because if bitchiness counted in the karma scheme of things I would have been dead many, many years ago.

The above picture is an apple pie I made. I was going to make it for Thanksgiving dinner, but just made it today before the apples could start rotting. I think I’ll freeze it until I’m able to taste it. Maybe by Christmas.

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The holidays are quickly approaching. With that being said, I haven’t really done any shopping. I thought I may get a few things this weekend, but instead I have been home all weekend nursing a cold. God I hate having a cold. But then again, I don’t know of anyone that enjoys them.

I remember when I was a kid going through the Sears and JC Penney catalogs and circling everything I wanted. Then I would hand the catalogs to my mom. On Christmas morning though I never remembered getting anything I had circled. I guess it was the start of my knowing life could be disappointing. Or maybe it was the start of everyone around me realizing I’m a greedy bitch and attempting to teach me a lesson.

As you can see, I never actually learned that lesson.


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Yesterday J and I went, on a lark, to Ovis Hill Farm in Timmonsville, S.C. It’s a working farm with a store that sells organic veggies and dairy products. It’s also set up for tours and classes that demostrates wool spinning and shearing sheep. Though they weren’t actually doing a tour, we walked around and I took pictures. I also helped bottle feed the calves and sheep. I had a blast. Yeah, I know. It doesn’t take much to entertain me. A few of the thousand of pics I took are in my Fickr if you’re interested.

The pic above is of one of my grocery store purchases today. The Grapple. “Pronounced Grape-L” the box states. Apples that taste like a grape. I was certain to check out where they came from. I didn’t want them coming from Chernobyl or China. They came from Washington state, so I figured they were relatively safe. I googled them and it turns out they are Fuji apples (my favorite) “infused” with grape flavoring that doesn’t add sugar or calories. I ate one right before writing this. It was VERY VERY sweet and tasted more like grape Kool-Aid than an actual grape. Luckily for me grape flavored Kool-Aid was always my favorite as a kid, so I didn’t waste $6.99 for 4 apples. So if you like grape flavored candy, you’d like these. I’m sure they’re geared more towards the kiddies- to get them eating fruit. Now if they could just get water packed tuna to taste like Reeses Cups, I’m there. 

Maybe once a week I will purchase some freaky, different product and reveiw them for you. Don’t worry, I promise I’ll stay away from sex shops.


J called me today at work as he was driving down the road to go to wherever people that don’t have to punch a time clock and sit at a desk for eight hours drive to during the day. This is part of the converstaion.

“Can people with Down Syndrome drive a car?”

“Huh? You mean like mongoloid, mentally retarded?”


“I dunno. I suppose if they can pass the tests, why not? Why do you ask?”

“Because I just saw one driving.”

“Well maybe it was just a Mongolian, like, looking for his herd or something.”

“I don’t know. Maybe it was just a guy with a goofy look on his face.”

“I am so going to blog this.”

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