Everyone needs a fleet of flying monkeys to rip the stuffing out of the annoying people in their lives
— Laura

It’s not been a full three months since Jack had his spinal surgery. He still ocassionally has trouble placing his feet after he wakes up, but nothing too terribly noticable. He’s back to raising hell in the house and laying down some doxie justice on the cats for good measure. Good boy, Jack.


71 Responses to Yes, I’m still around and here’s another shitty phone video of my dog Jack. You’re welcome.

  1. Holiday says:

    So glad to see Jack running around. So sad when you’ ‘re not here. Hope all is well with you and Jack. I figured you were just out shopping for me for Christmas, so it’s cool.

  2. PollyWog says:

    OMFG! Where have you been? I was so scared your assassin job had done you in. So happy for Jack. He looks great. Glad you’ re back…. you are back aren’t you?

  3. Sarah G. says:

    Best shitty phone video ever! Kudos to you and Jack.

  4. Brian In Florida says:

    Welcome back, you were missed. The foot warmer looks a lot better too.

  5. Cinder says:

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I am so glad to see jack running around.Im sure he is happy and so are you. did miss you.

  6. Sophia says:

    What an awesome Chanukah present!!! So glad Jack is doing great.

  7. Premium Protector says:

    Totally missed you, but I have been enjoying your side bar. There is some really cook shit over there. Glad to see your still here.

  8. No video of Jack can be shitty. NONE!!!

    Keep mentally stabbing the bunch o’bitches and you’ll be fine ;)

  9. Jena says:

    Simply Amazing! I was just weaning off my walker at that time frame from my back surgery!

    You go Jack!

  10. Cheryl Lundgren says:

    Love me some cheap Jack video and some Laura first thing every morning!

  11. patti says:

    YEA Jack! Gus is taking it easy.

  12. Mark12A says:

    Jack taking off at the second half of your film forces me to believe he’s thinking something like, “Fucking papparazzi.” My dog tends to hide whenever the camera comes out. And then she chases a cat, just to make a statement.

  13. gatorgirl4325 says:

    Look at that fella GO! Hard to believe he had surgery 3 months ago – so happy it all turned out well and he can once again rule the homestead. Those cats need to KNOW who is boss! :)

  14. Gary says:

    It did my heart good to see Jack run..jack’s recovery is the best gift ever.

  15. Kevin says:

    Great to see Jack moving so well. I’m sure there is a lot of doxie justice to be administered

  16. Roxie says:

    Can’t wait to see Jack’s Christmas sweater! :)

  17. Yabu says:

    Jack seems to be coming along well. He’a luck dog. I remember those days of Stretch well. We both got lucky. Give him a belly rub for me.

  18. Jan says:

    So good to see him running… Yay Jack!

  19. Nicole says:

    That lil squirt sure does book! How very cool.

  20. Jess says:

    I tried to come up with a snarky comment, but I can only think of Jack’s tenaciousness and your devotion. You’re a hell-of-a team.

  21. SB Smith says:

    Gary’s right….seeing Jack run and enjoy himself is an awesome gift !…
    Are you in your new house ?
    That looked like a nice long run Jack had.

    If we don’t hear from you for another long stretch, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you !

    Hugs and smooches for Jack…ok, kitties too.

  22. LusherLaRue says:

    Great early Christmas present to see Jack running like a bat out of hell and good to know you are getting some fresh air – even if only for a few seconds.

  23. Janie Jones says:

    Nothing like a shitty video of Jack to bring holiday cheer! Way to go Jack! Is there a video in our future of Jack in a reindeer costume? We’ll know he’s fully recovered when we get pix of him in costumes again.

  24. Glen says:

    Watch out for a dach’s affinity for mud. They can get totally covered and then use it to paint the carpet a dingy brown color. I think mud acts as a lubricant for their bellies as occasionally rub the ground as they cruise along.

  25. Cheryl Lundgren says:

    You know what the best thing is about your videos? You don’t have to sit through a 30 second commercial to watch them.

  26. Jena says:

    who got married in Huntington Island in your flickr pics? nice shits, btw.

  27. Lynn says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Jack, the kitties, and your thumb rabies. Did the Xmas spider make an appearance for the bunch o bitches?

  28. Jeffro says:

    The innertubes cry out for your presence, ma’am!

  29. rdennis says:

    Merry Christmas… if you ain’t seen this yet…well hell, even if you have!


  30. What a cutie. Did you get him a Christmas gift? I hope so. He deserves one.

  31. mindy braun says:

    This. Is. Awesome.
    so great
    I’ve been a shitty commentator as of late.
    Sorry about that.
    State of the world, you know?
    But these things are worth celebrating!
    Merry Christmas from the Braun family.
    And yes, there were many spelling errors because I’m drunk. A benevolent drunk. So that’s something….
    Fuck. alright whatever. i corrected my spelling errors…I’m a horrible English major. Jesus, or somethign.

  32. Jess says:

    The 21st isn’t completely over, so I’m not going to thank you and Jack yet for saving the world.

    In case I forget, thank you. In case it ends; never mind.

  33. LusherLaRue says:

    Since the world didn’t end today, Merry Christmas to you and your menagerie! Thank you for making 2012 a good year for all of us who follow your blog. I hope you have next week off for belly rubs, ear scratches, gin and circus peanuts!

  34. glen says:

    I’m so happy that Jack is recovering. Since the world didn’t end, you won’t have to explain why Jack went through all the pain and recovery period. That could have been embaressing. Good Call!!

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