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Jack. | Fetch My Flying Monkeys
Everyone needs a fleet of flying monkeys to rip the stuffing out of the annoying people in their lives
— Laura

HE’S HOME! More later. 

I spent another five hours with Jack today, with most of it being spent working with him and his physical therapist. He’s about the same and we all agree that the only time he really sleeps is when I’m alone with him in a room. I hum “You’re A Very Silly Puppy,” a little ditty I used to sing to him as a pup that goes “You’re a silly puppy, a very silly puppy. Why are you so silly, you very silly puppy?” over and over and over- much like every Britney Spears song- and I rub his shoulders and before too long he’s snoring. Soooooooooooooo I AM BRINGING HIM HOME TOMORROW! I am both ecstatic and terrified.

Jack started physical rehab today and I got to meet his therapist. She’s super cool and patient and Jack seemed to like her. I was able to stay with him for almost five hours today! I actually laid my head next to him and fell asleep with him after his therapy, half smothering myself in the sheepskin. Now for the best news thus far….. HE MOVED A REAR LEG!! Yes he did. The surgeon came in and said he’s doing good and we’ll take it day by day to see when he can come home. EVERYONE at the Surgical Center said he looked so much better after I stayed with him, that I plan on doing it again tomorrow.

I took this right before we fell asleep. Hey, it's hard work watching someone else exercise.

I was able to visit Jack this afternoon! He squealed with joy when he saw me. He still can’t move his legs, but they told me that was normal; a lot of swelling and healing needs to take place. But he’s alert and after a bit he calmed down enough to lay his head on my arm. The incision is on the throat and down the chest a tad. They went in the same way they do on people when they operate on the cervical spine. Tomorrow I go back to meet with the Physical Rehab Department who will start working with him soon.

I want to thank each and every one of you for all your warm and kind thoughts at this stressful time. It means a lot to me.

Jack says "Thank you" too.

Friday night my dog Jack and I were sitting on the couch watching television and Jack decided to go into the kitchen and get a drink from his water bowl. Jack walked down his little doggy steps, which I have placed on every piece of furniture he wants to get on because several years ago he had a disc problem ( something that affects one in every four mini-dachshunds) and when he returned he acted like he couldn’t get up the stairs. I thought “Oh shit, he hurt his back! How the hell did that happen?” and I immediately placed him in a carrier for confinement. The next morning I called my regular vet who is open on Saturday morning and took him in. Jack had X-Rays and laser therapy and was placed on prednisone and muscle relaxers and prescribed confinement. I made an appointment for Monday for a follow-up exam and laser therapy.

A few hours later, after my vet was closed, he got progressively worse. And when I say worse, I mean he had become completely paralyzed. My friend Dee drove us to the veterinary emergency clinic, as I sat in the back seat with Jack comforting him as much as I could. Once we arrived, they took him right back to triage. They called in a surgeon for a consultation and Jack had an MRI. Jack had a blown disc in his neck and needed surgery right away. I gave the okay, and a neuro-surgical team (yes, TEAM- two surgeons and two surgical techs) were called in. My friend Dee said she totally expected a helicopter to land outside the ER, which made me laugh. That made me feel better because I had been crying my face off all day. The techs came in and transported Jack to their surgical center where he was to have his surgery. I was told I couldn’t stay with him, which I completely understood. The surgeon called me after 11:00 pm Saturday night to tell me the surgery went well and that Jack was in ICU where they monitor them around the clock. Then he called me early Sunday morning to tell me that these surgical cases are “always worse the day after surgery” and that Jack was still in ICU and being kept sedated.

So that’s where we stand now. It’s Sunday night, Jack’s in ICU and will probably stay there a few more days. I want to thank everyone for their well-wishes on Facebook, where I tried to keep everyone informed as much as I could.  If you can, please keep him in your thoughts and send good vibes to him for a speedy recovery. I need my lil boy back home with me because someone has to keep these damn cats in line and the pillows and shit aren’t gonna destroy themselves.


143 Responses to Jack.

  1. Tina says:

    Sending good thoughts. I know you’re a nervous wreck, I hope you can feel us all out here waiting with you.

  2. Jan says:

    Oh poor, Jack! Get well soon little buddy!

    Damn dust gets in my eyes with these stories…

  3. Alison says:

    Laura, I’m sorry for you and Jack. Amazing how attached we are to those little sonsabitches! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good news for you tomorrow.

  4. Mrs. Who says:

    Thank you for the update…prayers sent for you and lil Jack.

  5. Jess says:

    You both have my prayers.

  6. Kim says:

    Poor Jack! Been thinking about him all day :(

  7. Gabs says:

    Oh, poor Jack! And YOU! Sending him good thoughts for a quick recovery, and you good thoughts for enough gin to get you through.

  8. patti says:

    Tell the lil shit we love him too. So so sorry Laura – Gus & Fiona send short legged long doggie good vibs his way too. He deserves a medivac helo if that’s what he needs!

  9. JackCoke says:

    How horrid, Laura. Best wishes to you and Jack for strength, courage, and recovery.

  10. untbunny says:

    Thank you for taking time to update. My own babies will be pleased to hear about Jack. Now join Jack with your own sedation tonic. He will meet you in dreamland!

  11. LeeAnn says:

    Monkey and the outdoor hellkittens and Darth the WonderPup send best wishes and greetings and Monkey assures me her ass will be licked (by herself, BY HERSELF!) 24/7 until she gets word Jack is back. Such a giver, she is.
    Seriously, I hope the little guy is back home and torturing pillows soon.

  12. Yabu says:

    I’m all downtown with JACK, but you know that.

    Cool Runnings to the both of you from the Juju Crib. I’m not trying to jump the gun, but they fixed Stretch. I pray to the Maker that Jack experiences the same outcome. A short time will tell. You’ll know sooner rather than later. I am a grown man with tears in my eyes.

    I’m not trying to be stupid here, but this might help. We didn’t crate Stretch, but we baby-gated his couch. He was in his element and wasn’t trying to move around. Worked just fine, seriously. He also had slings that would allow us to take him out and assist him with doing his business. We dropped those slings for a “bathrobe” belt as soon as possible. Those slings suck. You just kinda help ‘em with stability at first. Trust me on this. Much easier on the dog.

    I have no idea, Stretch’s injury was mid to lower back, not his neck, so I don’t pretend to know what I’m talking about. I do know I did everything I could to save Stretch and I was successful. I would do it over again in a heartbeat…Stretch is my partner, and he knows it. He is my friend. He loves the Juju Woman like there is no tomorrow. He is a bad / good dog. Kinda like me growing up.

    If there is anything I can do, just say it. I truly mean that.

    People who are owned by a doxie, deserve a medal of some sort.

  13. sablegsd says:

    I am praying for you and Jack.
    Even with all the worry and crying, you still managed to make me laugh with this
    line: the pillows and shit aren’t gonna destroy themselves.

  14. Sean says:

    Hope the little dude is home, happy and shredding cat beds soon.

  15. Jeffro says:

    Hang in there, kiddo – I’d bet Jack wants home just as badly as you want him there.

  16. John Flora says:

    You and Jack are in our thoughts. Wishing hard for a full and quick recovery.

  17. scr_north says:

    Keep your chin up and I’m sure Jack will be alright as he sounds like a tough mutt. While you’re waiting for his return have you started checking the cats alibi’s? Cats aren’t above planning a mugging (cue sounds from Law and Order da-dummmmm) and carrying it through especially if they’re cranky from not having a catbed.

  18. Elphaba says:

    Lots of thoughts and prayers for Jack, and for you…’cause I know how hard it is. Hang in there.

  19. Shelly says:

    Your poor little doggie! What a traumatic event (sometimes I think these situations are harder for the helpless humans)for both of you. The medical team sounds impressive and makes me so grateful we live in the times we do. I am sending your boy all my best wishes and strength for his recovery. You too! Please keep us posted.

  20. Doug says:

    Tough weekend,we will be thinking & praying for you and Jack.

  21. Rita says:

    Wishing Jack a stronger neck. Poor guy. Wonder if they have those little neck brace thingies for dogs.

  22. Michelle Dove says:

    I hope he recovers soon and heals quickly. Sending healing vibes his way and peaceful vibes your way.

  23. kelly says:

    Poor puppy :(

    Holding good thoughts for a full recovery.

  24. Jennifer says:

    OMG poor little guy! My best to him and you!!

  25. Jena says:

    TY for updating us. This is gonna cost a lot. He so deserves a chance. I know you don’t like to ask for help but put up a paypal link for us if you do. Even a dollar helps for future therapy, etc!

    Sending Reiki constantly!

  26. Kym says:

    I literally have been on pins and needles all weekend. I’m not sure you realize how much we all love that dog, lol. Speaking for myself, I feel like I know him and you even though I’m quite sure we will never meet. You, Jack and those damn cats make me laugh and I am beside myself with worry. You and he are have constantly been in my thoughts this weekend and I am sending mega good vibes his way, and yours. I can’t imagine going through this with one of my babies. And by babies, I mean the two mini chi’s that are my life. Be strong Laura, when you see Jack tell him how many people are out here thinking of him. Only good thoughts your way, my friend.

  27. Cheryl Lundgren says:

    Anxiously awaiting an update that says Jack is fine and will be home soon taking revenge on the cats!

  28. Ricki says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Of course, my thoughts are with you and all the good vibes I can muster on a Monday morning.

  29. Carra says:

    I have kept you and Jack in my heart and prayers this past weekend. You are an excellent mommy because you saw something was wrong and took immediate action. And it sounds like the vet and surgeons were right on it to. I’ve have 3 sick kitties this summer, so I know about vet bills. I always joke with the vet that my cats get better health care than I give myself, because I will spare no expense to help them. We lovers of our animals have our priorities straight! Wishing Jack a full and speedy recovery and then some down time for you to recover!

  30. PlayinPosse says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmm, I guess you’re going to have to take the cat beds to him for chewing! I know just how hard this is and know that both of you are in my prayers. I’d give up my Starbucks if it will help him!!!

  31. zonker says:

    Oh crap…I hope he’s feeling great again very soon.

  32. I’m so sorry to hear about Jack. I will keep Jack in my prayers.

  33. Jill says:

    Keeping you and Jack in our thoughts.

  34. Jan says:

    Ok, this made me laugh.

    Underwater Wiener Dogs:

  35. Judy says:

    Keeping you and Jack in my thoughts. Buy extra cat beds for his recovery–he’s going to need something to do!

  36. Mark12A says:

    I made a little dachshund rickshaw for someone’s little dog when that happened to him. The little canine terrorist was hell on wheels for a while but eventually recovered enough to get rid of the cart. I think they’re available commercially now. You’d have thought the little shit was grateful, but NO! At least he continued to abuse the local cats, so that was something.

  37. Terri says:

    Healing thoughts and prayers for Jack and an arm around you for support. Thank goodness doxies are super tough little dudes! I am sure he will be showing off any scars and bragging about it in no time!

  38. When my asshole vet said it was my choice: operate on Lucky or put him to sleep.

    I said “Operate. Where do I put my sleeping bag?”

    He made me leave, but called several hours later asking me to return because my baby wasn’t going to sleep for the surgery and they were afraid to use more anesthesia.

    When I walked into the surgery unit, he laid his head in my hand, sighed, then fell asleep.

    I * HATE * leaving my babies.

  39. Liz says:

    As I’ve said on Facebook, you guys are in my thoughts and prayers. God is probably trying to figure out how the hell Jack has been mentioned by a zillion people these last few days. I hope he’s listening and Jack’s up and about soon.

  40. SB Smith says:

    Hoping for an update soon….
    Quite scary not seeing one !
    Don’t know what’s going on but my heart goes out to you just for all the stress and freaked out worry. Jack is in my prayers to be alright(You, too).
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post what happened when this started.
    I second what someone else has suggested if you need help with the vet bills re: setting up a paypal for that.
    Hoping you’re just busy and haven’t had a chance to update here or FB.

  41. Coop says:

    praying for quick recovery for Jack!

  42. gatorgirl4325 says:

    Oh, Laura! Mr. Jack is a tough guy – I know he’s going to give a good fight to get back to you. My thoughts and prayers are with the two of you.

  43. Sara says:

    I hope all goes well with Jack!

  44. Leeuna says:

    Thinking positive thoughts for sweet little Jack. Hoping he will be well and ready for mischief again before too long. I know you must be frantic.

  45. Melissa says:

    Oh no. Poor Jack! Poor Laura! Damn short legs (I know as I suffer from them as well.). Tons of thoughts headed your way. Hang in there.

  46. Paulie says:

    Hard to know what to say; anyone that’s had a dog knows how much you’re going through. Best thoughts going to the two of you.

    And the PayPal’s a good idea.

    I’m in.

    • Cheryl Lundgren says:

      Me too on the Paypal. I was really shocked last summer with our cat and how expensive it was for his care. In fact, I’m sure I paid more for lab work and surgery for the cat than my insurance did to my doctors for my own care. We definitely need pet insurance.

  47. Cheryl says:

    Prayin’ for little Jack – and you.

  48. Nicole says:

    Hope things are okay. Good thoughts being sent your way.

  49. Jena says:

    TY for the update and Pic. You are an awesome person! He’s tough and very much loved. He will heal. We also love you Laura!

  50. Debbie H says:

    I had a pomeranian and a pekeapoo w/disc problems and I know how scary it can be when something goes wrong. It does not seem fair to Little Jack, but it sounds like you acted quickly and they did what they needed to do right away. Keep us updated and I’m sending much positive energy to Jack and to you!

  51. Jess says:

    I can’t help thinking how lucky you both are to have each other.

    Give Jack a hug…and don’t forget to take care of you, too.

  52. Jen H says:

    Poor Jack! Glad he is doing better. This happened to my little Dapple D “Achilles” 4 years ago. One expensive surgery and some therapy on an underwater treadmill and he’s been back to his self for the past 4 years. Will continue to send good vibes!

  53. Carra says:

    Thank you for the update. It’s so good to see a pic of sweet little Jack. I’m always amazed at how resilient animals are-they have such strong spirits! Just take one day at a time. With your TLC, Jack will have a full recovery. Once again, sending prayers and healing energy!

  54. PolishSpring says:


    Oh, wow.
    From one moment to the next!
    I am glad he’s doing better after the surgery and hope you have your usual Jack in no time.
    XOXO (with best wishes for recovery, and hand-shredded ham) to Jack!
    XOXO (with a truckload of gin and circus peanuts) to you!

  55. Teresa says:

    Oh man! I’m so out of touch I’m just now hearing about this. Praying Jack is okay and the surgery worked and he’s back home fast being his old self.

  56. Oh no, Laura, I can’t believe it. I’m so sorry for you and for poor little Jack. I’m glad to hear his spirits are lifted though. Hang in there. I’m sure he’ll be home wearing silly/adorable hats in no time. *pet lover hug*

  57. Erinyes says:

    I hope Jack makes the grass greener under his wiener again soon!

  58. Cheryl Lundgren says:

    Thank you so much for the update on Jack! I was really worried. He looks great!

  59. SB Smith says:

    Oh my God,….what a relief to see your update !
    So happy to know Jack is doing better.
    Hope his recovery goes well.
    Physical Therapist for dogs…that must be an interesting job.
    Jack’s going to appreciate knowing that after my J.’s right wrist was rebuilt after a motorcycle crash, he called them Physical Terrorists. They took it as a compliment.
    So glad to get the update and see the photo of Jack !
    I know he got kisses and careful hugs from Mom.
    He’s still in my prayers for a good recovery.

  60. DearSweetMama says:

    rudi and I will light a candle and send up some prayers for Jack. My old daschund, Beau, blew a disc in his back and actually had acupuncture which finally got him back to walking. I pray for those same results for Jack….Lord of the Hunt, keeper of all the small creatures who hunt with you in the fastness of the night, look with mercy on Jack, your friend who runs with you in his dreams, and restore him to health to continue to run in this world. It is not time for him to travel the SummerLands, but for him to walk with his mistress as a sign of your fierceness and love in the world. As I will it so mote it be. And Rudi says, Amen.

    • Jena says:

      That was beautifully said. Brought tears to me eyes. Acupuncture would definitely help in therapy.

      Namaste to you and Laura.

      Bright Reiki Blessings.


  61. Hang in there Laura. I prescribe lots of gin and circus peanuts.
    Jack will be back chewing cat beds in no time.
    Best wishes

  62. SB Smith says:

    As exhausted as you must be, you’ve probably already crashed…I Hope you have !
    I wanted to send a little distraction now that you got to see Jack after surgery. I know that had Me stressed out. I can’t imagine what ground zero was like.

    I hope you don’t mind me posting this craziness….
    “Kelly Osborne’s $250,000. manicure made of black diamonds…black diamonds in the nail polish”
    J Lo is the only other person to wear the polish.
    I call that Total craziness. :-D

    Mentions that imitations that are out there, too.

    • Jena says:

      That is suck a waste. She said she hasn’t “touched a thing all day.” I shudder. O_o

      • SB Smith says:

        It is a waste….what happens when you take off the polish ?….dig all the little diamonds out of the cotton and add them to another color ?
        No need for anyone to reply…
        I just don’t think they took the thought process that far.

  63. Sheri O says:

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers. No words can truly express what the heart feels for one’s family.

  64. Eric says:

    Just caught up to this and the update. I know how events like this with a best friend just tie you up in knots. Best wishes to Jack and to you.

  65. Michelle Dove says:

    I am so glad to know that you got to see Jack. He looks high as a kite. Good for him! I am happy the surgery went well and that he should be back to tearing shit up in no time. Best wishes to you both!

  66. Eartha says:

    We love you Jack, stay sweet and speedy recovery. Please keep us as posted as possibly. Take it easy Laura. He’s tough like his Momma.

  67. Janie Jones says:

    OMG!!! Poor Jack! Poor you! I bet the cats are all like, “Oh, poor Jack. Oh, poor you.” then partying their cat assholes off when you aren’t watching.

    Seriously, I hope Jack has a speedy recovery and that all ends okay. Rupert sends his best wishes too, and a doggie biscuit bouquet.

  68. fillyjonk says:

    So good to hear he’s doing some better. My heart sank when I read the earlier post.

    Good vibes still going out to him!

  69. Amber says:

    Give ‘em hell Jack!

  70. Timbo says:

    Glad to hear that the little guy is doing better. Have you checked out the market for foot modelling gigs? You may need it to pay all these medical bills.

  71. Roxie says:

    Sending good thoughts to both you and Jack!

  72. gatorgirl4325 says:

    So glad you got to see Jack yesterday and it is so good to see a picture of his cute little doxie self! Continued good thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery are still being sent for you both!

  73. Maeve says:

    Praying he heals quickly and comes home SOON. :(

  74. Yabu says:

    I’m sending all the Good Good Juju I can to Jack. I guess Jack and Stretch had different injuries. The surgeon made a five or six inch incision on his back (spinal column). Stretch’s problem was not vertebra, it was a pinched nerve. His hind legs were completely paralyzed. Couldn’t move. Anyway, he had 21 staples, (I called him BackJack for awhile) and he had a morphine patch on when I brought him home. He also prescribed human Valium for him, to help relax him so he could do his business.

    Again, sending good vibes his way.


    • Laura says:

      Jack had a blown disc in his neck. Paralyzed all legs. Terrifying. They went in by his throat instead of the back of his neck. Again, terrifying.

      • Jena says:

        Yea, that kind of injury and surgery is still done that way. NO other way to approach the discs.

        My cousin just had this surgery done in the neck and got a cadaver disc replacement.


        • SB Smith says:

          For some reason humans don’t reject cadaver bone. My J. had 5 vertebrae fused after a compression fracture in L-1 in his lower middle back (his scar is on his back). They used synthetic crushed bone to fill in places, but cadaver bone was an option they considered.
          Yes, Surgery thru the neck Does sound terrifying !

      • Yabu says:

        I kinda know what you mean. More Good GOOD JUJU HEADING HIS WAY.

  75. nightfly says:

    The poor little guy… so glad to hear that he’s beginning his recovery. You guys take care of each other, OK?

  76. LusherLaRue says:

    You and Jack are in my prayers.

  77. Michelle Dove says:

    Great news! Happy day!

  78. Jena says:

    ok… that update made me cry. That is GREAT fucking news! ALL of it!

  79. rdennis says:

    Sorry, hadn’t checked this blog in a few days. sorry to hear about Jack but sounds like he is coming along well… what I think would really help him to heal faster is a goat! Yes a goat! Think about it…..

  80. Sending prayers every day and night for both you and Jack. This is the first time I can write here without crying.

  81. patti says:

    If the back leg moveth – the front leg must moveth too!! Happy dance :)

  82. Carra says:

    This is wonderful news! I see that pic of Jack lying there and I just want to give him a big kiss! Keeping the prayers and healing energy coming your way!

  83. Jan says:

    Good boy, Jack! Keep it up!

  84. Cheryl Lundgren says:

    Poor little Jack….and Laura. Hope he gets better soon and you get some much needed rest.

  85. untbunny says:

    So glad you were able to be with Jack today. The shared sleep was probably the best you both have received the last few days. Hang in there Laura!

  86. Cindy says:

    Laura, I’m on the board of directors for Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. We are known in this area for taking in the sick, injured, used and abused dogs. I have seen dogs come into our rescue that were literally on death’s door and they pull through because of good vet care but most of all love. Jack has both. God bless you as you walk thru this hard journey with little Jack. Sometimes when I get home and see my babies sitting in the window waiting for me I get tears in my eyes knowing that the moment that I walk through the door is the high point of their day.

  87. Rita says:

    Good to hear. My brother had Jack’s surgery earlier this year but they stuck cadaver bones in his neck. I’m pretty sure they were from a human.

  88. Jennifer says:

    Sending the best thoughts for Jack’s recovery that my tiny brain will allow. Sounds like he’s in the best of hands, and has the best of owners. A lucky dog indeed.

  89. Eartha says:

    That’s such great news. He looks great. Hope he is home soon.

  90. Mr. Bingley says:

    Oh noes! A blown disc?!?!? I told you not to make him move that couch!

    I glad he seems to be doing better!

  91. Yabu says:

    It’s fortunate you can spend time with him. More Good Good Juju heading his way.

  92. Kim says:

    Continued prayers and hugs and very very very soft scritches to Jack and you. This is so hard for you, I know. Be strong. Snuggle with the pup.

  93. Favoriteslave says:

    Hugs, Kisses, Good Juju, pixie dust, thoughts, prays, etc. all headed your way for you and Jack. And thanks for the pictures of him on his way to recovery. While most of us will never have the honor of meeting him (or you) in person, we all know and love him and we appreciate you share his goings on with us.

  94. Judy says:

    Doing very quiet happy dance for Jack. Don’t want to get him all excited.

  95. Kym says:

    Love, love, love this update!

  96. LusherLaRue says:

    Moving a rear leg is great news! Next he will be practice raising his rear leg so he can pee like a real dog again. Before you know it, he will be terrorizing the cats. Give Jack and yourself a hug from all of us.

  97. Alison says:

    Hey, I just saw your updates, that sounds fantastic. You’re taking time off work to be with him in therapy? You are an awesome dog owner, and I want to come back as your pet. FACT.

  98. Nicole says:

    Aw… Mama is the magic medicine. :)

  99. Terri the Terror says:

    I’m so glad Jack is doing better. How fricking scary for you and Jack. Sending positive and healing thoughts. There is much love in the innerwebs for both of you. Big hugs.

  100. Jan says:

    Go, Jack, go! He’ll do so much better being home I’ll bet. Yay!

  101. patti says:

    Nobody loves a chil’ like his mom and healing comes best when the patient is comfortable and secure. Hope you can get some sleep when you aren’t singing to Jack.

  102. Jena says:

    Is he gonna do water therapy? Im scared but estatic for you! I think he will heal/recover much better at home! Stillsending Reiki! I wish I lived near you! I could watch over him while you are gone. But doing the next best thing! Reiki!! woot!

  103. AndyOH says:


    I’m gonna have to contradict rdennis’ advice above re: procurement of a goat. As we all know, goats are assholes. Exhibit Z:


    And re-assert my original recomendation of … shall we say a “nurse” Jill … to raise Jack’s spirits:


  104. Cheryl Lundgren says:

    He is going to be so happy to be home. I’m sure his progress will be much faster once he’s there. Don’t worry, you’d do great!!

  105. Eartha says:

    Yeah Jack! he will be chasing the cats before you know it….

  106. CGHill says:

    But who’s keeping those damn cats in line?

  107. SB Smith says:

    Sorry couldn’t comment yesterday !
    This is wonderful news that he moved his leg !
    Oh dear, he only sleeps when you’re there. This is one of the things that gets me teary eyed cause I know it’s so frustrating when you can’t tell them they’re in good hands when you’re not there…it’s ok to sleep.
    So excited for you getting to bring him home Thursday ! Understand being terrified at the same time. …You have a way to keep the cats separate for awhile ?
    You’re both in my prayers for recovery at home to go well.
    Hugs to you, Laura…and please give Jack a little hug and smooch for me !

  108. Yabu says:

    That’s good news, he’ll heal better at home. If there is anything I can do, just let me know, and consider it done. Give him some scritchs from me and the Juju Woman.

  109. Mchelle Dove says:

    Congratulations! I am sure you and Jack will be fine. Best wishes to you both.

  110. Trish says:

    Laura so happy to hear Jack is doing great. I think both of you wasn’t getting much sleep without each other. It will do both of you good having him come home. It’s ok to be nervous but you will do great. I wonder will you be able to keep the cats away for a little while? Hang in there lady you will do fine. Give that furbaby some squeezes from Oregon.

  111. gatorgirl4325 says:

    WONDERFUL NEWS!! Jack will improve a million times faster being in his home with his familiar surroundings. I have no doubt you will handle his therapy with all the care and love that boy needs. :)

  112. Shane says:

    Jack will do much better at home with you and those asshole cats. Too much anxiety being sick away from you and his home (even with the asshole cats.) Keep singing that awesome song. Love and Light.

  113. Liz says:

    Go Jack!! He’ll feel so much better at home and you will too. Good thoughts and prayers going out to you and Jack. Keep up the good work little guy.

  114. Lesley says:

    Glad to hear Jack is doing better! Cactus Jack, Beans Motherfucker and I are all sending prayers for a continued recovery.

  115. Alison says:

    And the cats just said “Oh crap. Party time’s over, hide the beds.”

  116. rick says:

    Home is where he needs to be with his overbearing, errr, loving mom can take care of him.

    Best wishes Laura. I hate dogs. We have three of them.

    Prayers out for the Mighty Jack.

  117. Aw, best of luck to Jack! I hope he bounces back and is back to destroying stuff soon.

  118. untbunny says:

    Yeah! Spend your time with Jack! We can, and will, wait!

  119. Kim says:

    Yay Jack’s home!! I know it’s all very scary. But, you and Jack will make it work. He loves you just as much as you love him.

  120. Otter says:

    Welcome home, jack! get well soon!!

  121. ManhattanMaven says:

    Oh Laura…bless your heart. I’ve been MIA since Sunday and i’m just hearing about poor Jack! I’m SO happy he’s back home with you. It sounds like you both have really been through the wringer!! Thank GOD for the advanced medical care available for our furry loved ones these days!! I know you’d move heaven & earth to get him well. Sending you both lots of love & heaps of healing vibes!!

  122. zonker says:

    Delighted to see that he’s home again!

  123. SB Smith says:

    So glad Jack’s back home !
    Prayers and sending positive energy for things to go well at home !

  124. kelly says:

    How was his first night back home?

    Still sending warm fuzzies & healing vibes from Michigan… So glad to hear he’s recovering! :)

  125. Yabu says:

    Great news! He will heal faster in his own environment. Tell him his buddy Stretch is thinking of him.

    On a side note: It is amazing to me how much they look alike. In dim light, wearing no collars, It would be difficult to tell them apart.

  126. Janie Jones says:

    Yay! Being at home is always better than being in a foreign place you associate with pain, scariness, and loneliness. Besides, he has cats to keep in line and circus peanuts to beg for.

    Hope he’s right as rain in two shakes of a doxie tail.

  127. SB Smith says:

    Hoping all is going well on the home front.

    Saw a bumpersticker that you need if you don’t already have it:
    “My Dachshund is smarter than your honor student.”


  128. PepeLp says:

    Glad he’s home. Thoughts and prayers………

  129. SB Smith says:

    Hoping and praying things are alright and you’re just very busy papering Jack..

    Just saw something online that made me wonder if one of your brothers (don’t you have more than one ?) had written this when you were kids “wisdom from kids” :
    “Never pick on your sister if she’s holding a baseball bat.”


  130. SB Smith says:


    PAMPERING Jack, not papering !

  131. Leeuna says:

    This is great news. I’m glad Jack is home and recovering. Both of you will rest a lot easier being together. I Love that silly song. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who does that.

  132. I’m so glad he’s home. I hope everything is going well.

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