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— Laura

Goats are awesome.

Because goats are awesome and anything associated with them is awesome, I made this Crispy Fried Goat Cheese recipe I found through Pinterest. If you aren’t on Pinterest you seriously need to re-evaluate your life. It’s like marking a big ol’ want list of shit you want but will never get and it’s a great place to waste a few hours. Anyway, here’s the obligatory picture of the ingredients:

Imagine there's some flour and salt and pepper in there too.

I won’t copy the recipe; you can follow the link to see it. There’s slicing and dredging and dunking and more dredging involved. It’s not that labor intensive really. See? I even found time to take a shitty camera phone picture of my hand model hand:

If this doesn't get me a hand modeling job, I don't know what will.

Once the cheese is browned on both sides, remove them, throw a few on a plate and drizzle some Maggi Sweet Chili Sauce over them. You can find it in the Thai/Asian food section of your grocery store.

You will love this so much, you'll be putting it on your cereal. Not Captain Crunch though. The chili would burn your mutilated gums.

Seriously, do this step. You will not regret it.


P.S. The first sonsabitch that leaves a comment even suggesting a recipe of cooked goat will be voodooed to Hell and back. Just sayin’.


54 Responses to Another recipe, complete with my crappy food pics. You’re welcome.

  1. Yabu says:

    I get all over that, I mean all over it.

    We’re cool, I dig goats.

  2. Tink says:


  3. Oren says:

    God Dang that looks good. do you have to use goat cheese. can you do motzarella?

  4. Michelle says:

    You always make everything look so freckin great. You are a Goat Cheese Artist. and Nice hands…..

  5. MyBigFatButt says:

    Where do you buy Goat Cheese? and is it just called “Goat Cheese” and What’s it taste like? I mean Blue Cheese, Bri,Limberger What?

  6. Tad says:

    Do you do Weddings?

  7. JohnJohn says:

    I think you should have a party and invite us all and you cook. Yep, that’s what I think.

  8. Tea says:

    I’ve never had goat cheese, but I’m pretty sure I would like it fried. And if that’s not a hand model hand, I don’t know what is.

  9. Jena says:

    That shit will kill me quick. But damn if it doesn’t look good!

  10. Jena says:

    Is it wrong that your finger coated Panko hands look delish?

  11. Hendrix Williams says:

    Thai/Asian food section of your grocery store. Is that were Jena hangs out when she feels the need for bondage?

  12. lotta joy says:

    The last time I tried this (and I did) I had goat cheese oozing all over my skillet. SO…I ended up using it to stuff mushrooms. It was GOOOOOOD.

  13. Alison says:

    All I’m gonna say is you title your post “Another recipe…” and your first photo is of a goat. What are we s’posed to think???

  14. Mark12A says:

    If anyone does do the goats as food thing, it’s your fault. I mean, you started off talking about food pictures and the first one is a goat. My sister-in-law (the one who sells goat milk) would be seriously pissed.

    At her prices, she should break even in about 2250. But the goat milk, goat cheese, and goat milk soap are truly awesome.

  15. untbunny says:

    Holy Crap!!! The Wiener Circle clip is priceless. Seeing Jack McBrayer and Triumph together makes the rest of life boring.

  16. Liz says:

    I gotta agree with Alison here. . . a “recipe” title and a goat picture.

    My first thought was, “Oh my God! What has Laura DONE??!!”

    I’m relived that you stuck to cheese.

  17. jo says:

    Yeah that is the Magic Sauce mon! Good with plain old grilled american cheese sandwich or practically anything. You could cover a flipflop with that sauce and it would be delicious.

  18. Jess says:

    Fried, and cheese, are two of the most beautiful words in the English language.

  19. Mrs. Who says:

    Please tell me you followed it up with goat’s milk ice cream…some of the most delicious stuff in the world. Especially when topped with circus peanuts and chased with gin.

  20. Nicole says:

    Goat cheese + fried. How can you go wrong??

  21. Erinyes says:

    “Crappy food pics”

    Which is crappy – the food or the pics?

    Hey, I have a goat pic up at my site…

  22. rick says:

    My wife and I raise goats, any bastard that harms a goat will have to answer to my wife. I pity the fool that has to answer to my wife.

    Oh and Laura, the recipe looks awesome.

  23. [...] shall simply have to be jealous of Laura’s impending career change. I can’t make the hand poses she does without looking like I’m [...]

  24. QueenBee says:

    LC Aggie Sith and I went out to dinner with our hubbies on Saturday and thought of you as we drove past a goat farm with babies…. so sweet. And the fried cheese looks amazing!

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