Everyone needs a fleet of flying monkeys to rip the stuffing out of the annoying people in their lives
— Laura

I was in the Fresh Market yesterday and glanced over and saw they had red cream soda so I bought a few bottles. You can’t really find red cream sodas around these parts. When I was a kid my mom would make us ice cream sodas using Barq’s Red Cream Soda, which they don’t sell here, over vanilla ice cream about once a month as a treat for not shoving each other down a storm drain or setting each other on fire. Yes, we got rewarded for not killing or maiming each other with ice cream in lieu of any allowance. Also, there were no sprinkles on these ice cream sodas because WE WERE POOR.


68 Responses to Ever notice how all my memories center around sugary treats?

  1. Jeffro says:

    The soda pop that trips my memory circuits is Squirt. It was always available at the little hole in the wall grill – only about five booths and a counter with round seat stools, and the individual juke box pods in each booth and several on the counter. The cook always wore his wife beater, a white garrison style cap, a stained white apron and khakis, and there was always a waitress squeezed in there too.

    The place did not offer sprinkles on the ice cream cones.

  2. Heather says:

    Now I want ice cream.

  3. Jennifer says:

    You and your yankee treats! lol!

    My mom bribed me and my brothers and sisters not to kill each other too!

  4. Yabu says:

    Red Cream Sodas are double damn good. Smart move with the guard. I grew up with ‘em as well. I loves me the Fresh Market, problem is, the closest one around here is about a 3 or 4 hour round trip, but I’ve been known to do it on occasion. I’m hooked on carbonated lemonade. Anyway, if you ain’t had a good ice cream soda, you ain’t lived. Fact.

    • Laura says:

      Fresh Market is da bomb. Red cream soda fucking rocks. Oh, did you know the Fresh Market now makes sandwiches? Made with their rotisserie meats. I am about 15 minutes from a Fresh Market. Jealous yet? Ha!

      • Yabu says:

        Do. Not. Tease. Me. Like. That.

        Damn, woman!

      • fillyjonk says:

        Definitely jealous…I insist on a trip to the Fresh Market when I am up visiting my parents, just to remind myself that not all grocery stores are overly-brightly-lit hellholes filled with rude people and questionable brands. As much as I hated living in the city, the lack of decent grocery options is a real drawback of rural life.

        Then again, I’d probably blow my whole paycheck (and entire caloric budget) on their fancy cupcakes and cheeses if I had one near me.

        • Laura says:

          Oooo I go directly for their beautiful veggies and the delicious rotisserie meats- particularly the ribs. THEN I hit the bakery.

          I would give up my Fresh Market to live in the country. I sure would.

  5. I’ve never had red cream soda. Is it different than regular cream soda?

  6. The Nickster says:

    So as a child your Mother gave you a monthly dose of food coloring. Nice. No wonder you are the way you are…and I don’t mean the red hair.

  7. So…….does red cream soda make a decent mixer or are you drinking it straight? FYI when I was 16 a buddy of mine figured out how to get into his parents’ liquor cabinet. Later that night when we ran out of orange juice and were so hammered that we learned, the hard way of course, that drinking and driving might kill you but vodka and root beer will make you wish you were dead!

  8. SB Smith says:

    I’ve never had the red cream soda either.
    Sounds interesting.

  9. Alison says:

    I would be surprised if you have any left when you get home from work today. That dinosaur looks like he just got the best birthday present ever!

  10. Fluffy says:

    When I was a young kid, I always liked the IBC Cream Soda, ’cause it looked just like beer! :)

  11. Larry says:

    I have noticed a lot of your memories have murder (or the lack thereof) in them as well…

  12. Ahhh, Memories of The Pop Shoppe pop!

  13. Nicole says:

    Red Cream Soda is da bomb. Fact.

  14. Princess says:

    Oh Hell, I think Jeffro is my brother. I grew up in the same hole in the wall grill he did and I LOVE SQUIRT…. Its my fav…Thanks for the memory Jeffro…..Wow

  15. Erinyes says:

    A&W root beer on a hot summer day back when they had the GLASS gallon jugs and not that plastic shit they started using later…

  16. Dannie says:

    I could never have sprinkles on my ice cream either. But unlike you guys, we were actually poor…..LOL.

    Remember those big pops (popsicle/ice cream something or other)? you could buy them at any convenience store for 10 cents? mmmm I can’t find them anymore.

  17. Jess says:

    I’m older than dirt, but a big treat was a 6 oz. bottle of coke, which cost 5 cents if you drank it at the store. If you took it with you, you paid a penny deposit on the bottle.

    We’d hunt pop bottles until we had enough for the big treat: 16 oz Frosty root beer and a Zero candy bar. We’d sit in front of the corner grocery and enjoy our treat in the blistering summer heat.

  18. patti says:

    I LOVE cream sodas, of any color! And indeed, they are a rare animal.

  19. Jo says:

    When you are President, will there be sprinkles for everybody? (Except France, of course)

  20. Shoving each other down a storm drain? Nice.

  21. I went out and found Grape Nehi and OMG!!! want some more.

  22. kim says:

    where you at chica http://i.imgur.com/ZqB2A.gif sorry if this was in your links I’ve been bad about visiting them lately

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